Lender Placed & Foreclosed REO Properties

We are able to offer Lending Institutions and other Property Owning Entities Insurance Coverage for their mortgage portfolios and/or portfolios of foreclosed properties or owned real estate. Our facilities are written 100% with Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's of London or 100% GLUK.

Turnaround Time
We aim to respond within 24 - 48 hours as our facility offers in-house underwriting for the smaller institutions.


Our facilities provide coverage to:
a)"Lending Institutions" in respect of their portfolio of Uninsured Properties, both in respect of their hazard exposure and their Flood Exposure; and/or
b)"Lending Institutions or other Real Estate Owning Corporations in respect of their foreclosed and/or owned real estate portfolios.

For general enquiries please contact Trevor Larwood (+44 (0) 203 006 6634)

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